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Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy you can read how Hoflor AG handles your data. We list for you how we process the data and how you can influence it yourself. This privacy policy applies to all data that we process about you. This policy applies to all our customers and contact persons that make use of this system. 

Hoflor AG offers various services for which your data is required. You should think of:

  • Support / Helpdesk
  • Contact group registration
  • Invoicing and debtor management
  • Request webshop
  • E- mails for sharing knowledge, updates and commercial offers

Due to the nature of our services, we have certain information about you. It is important to Hoflor AG that our services are personal, friendly to use and reliable. We are therefore constantly looking for ways to improve this and to match it to your personal needs.

The information that we may receive from you regarding questions, reports (such as webshop request) and complaints, will be registered in our system.

Our promises:

  • We handle your data with care. You can assume that your data is safe with us
  • We do not monitor conversations or e-mail traffic and do not look at the content of your work within environment
  • We do not sell your information to third parties
  • We inform you about the use of your data in our system and offer you simple options to view and adjust your data and the choice you have made with regard to your privacy
  • You determine at all times what happens with your data. We respect the choices you have made regarding your privacy